Employee Survey Results for National Church Residences

Over the course of the past few months, we have reached out to hear about your overall wellbeing as well as your experience as an employee of National Church Residences. We recognize that your physical, mental, financial and spiritual health, and wellbeing impact your experience at work, as well as the level of care and service you can provide. Just as your wellbeing impacts how well you are able to deliver on our commitment to seniors, your work environment, manager, team members and leadership impact how you are able to serve our mission. Consequently, we surveyed all staff with respect to wellbeing and employee experience or engagement. And in the words of "Family Feud," the survey(s) says . . .

Results of the wellbeing survey revealed that we strongly embrace our mission of serving seniors. There is a deep connection that resonates throughout all employees and gives us all pride and purpose which is a great foundation for building a culture of wellbeing. In addition to the encouraging results, there are challenges that exist throughout amongst employees, including a sense of financial strain and vulnerability, physical challenges resulting in and related to being overweight and obese, and a need for emotional/mental health and wellbeing assistance.

Through current partnerships and some new ones, we will respond to these needs by offering assistance in navigating the healthcare system for better value, lower cost, and quality care with MyQHealth.

Leverage our ever-growing chaplaincy program for spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing for employees, as well as our residents, and utilize existing relationships to create a sense of retirement readiness for when the time comes. Our work in the area of employee wellbeing will not stop there. Stay tuned for more.

Results of the employee engagement survey echoed our commitment to our mission and a sense of pride in serving those most vulnerable in our society. The highest scoring areas are about our mission, our coworkers, sense of fairness, interesting and challenging jobs, and pride in working at National Church Residences.

As a result of your feedback, our efforts over the years have focused on pay, benefits, retirement planning, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, diversity and inclusion, etc. However, we have fallen short of expectations in communications, career development, recognition and valuing your opinion. In response to our need to better communicate, Sherri Mixter has assumed a new role on our Human Resources team as Director of Employee Communications. We will focus our efforts to ensure you are more informed about organizational goals and strategies and understanding the “why.” Similarly, we welcome your ideas and opinions with respect to how we achieve our goals and strategies as well. In the coming weeks, you will hear about our Innovation Program which will invite your solutions to some of our greatest challenges as we seek to serve more seniors.

While we achieved our goal of hearing from at least 90% of staff, our overall engagement has remained stagnant. Although our score is good, we want to be your employer of choice and that requires us to move from good to great.

In order for us all to be highly engaged in what we do and for whom we serve, it is important that we keep you informed, recognize the good you do every day, identify and create growth opportunities and take the time to listen and then do something about what you have told us. This we believe will result in an increase in engagement across the organization — share, grow, listen and recognize!

We look forward to doing just that in 2020 — sharing more about company goals and strategies, creating career growth opportunities, actively listening to your opinions and feedback and recognizing the contributions made every day. Over the course of the coming months you will see and hear more about what we are doing in these areas in addition to employee wellbeing. It is our desire that one day we will be able to say “All Is Well” and “I Am All In!”